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The Turn Club Features New Award-Winning Chef

Cef Pamela Delaude

By Janice Lane Palko

“I’ve been cooking since I was a child,” said Pamela Delaude, The Turn Club in Cranberry Township’s new 5-star chef. Delaude grew up in Lima, Peru, where cooking was second nature to her. Her grandfather was a chef, and she has Italian ancestry and spent time in Italy cooking there.

“I went to college and studied business, but cooking is really where my heart is. I traveled all over Italy picking up the regional cuisines,” said Delaude.

She came to the United States 14 years ago and attended Pierpont Community and Technical College in Fairmont, West Virginia, graduating with honors in both Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry. During her training, she won numerous awards and went on to compete in community events, judging others in culinary contests or teaching other students.

Nemacolin Woodlands is one of the many places where she’s delighted diners with her culinary creations. She came to Pittsburgh last year and worked at several restaurants as an Executive Chef. She recently consulted on setting up The Turn Club’s kitchen. It was through this opportunity that she came to know Jay Sebes, managing partner of The Turn Club.

The Turn Club is the new indoor golf, dining, and entertainment experience in Cranberry Twp. Located at 1298 Freedom Road, The Turn Club opened on July 29. The new 12,000-square-foot complex has a full-service bar and restaurant, including a large patio for outdoor dining, six golf simulation bays, a six-hole putting green and onsite instruction for beginners as well as for those wanting to elevate their play.

“The turn” is a term golfers use to note the end of the front nine holes and their

making “the turn” to the back nine. Traditionally, it’s at “the turn” where golfers meet, have a drink or a bite to eat, before carrying on with their round,” said Sebes, managing partner of The Turn Club. “That’s the atmosphere we offer—one of camaraderie, fun, food, drink, and golf!”

Many places offer food, drink, and fun, but The Turn Club has turned that up a notch with the addition of Delaude in the kitchen. “When I create a dish, I emphasize using fresh, quality ingredients that are locally sourced. No matter where I’ve traveled in the world and cooked, that is the difference between good food and excellent food,” said Delaude, who also takes into consideration presentation, color, and texture in her dishes.

In the spirit of “the turn” where people meet to drink and have a bite to eat, The Turn Club is not just for those who love golf, but also for everyone, especially those that love a good meal. “I want to show my roots and different cultures in my cooking. I like mixing cuisines and creating unique dishes. For instance, our tacos are not your average ones. Ours are set apart with radish, Peruvian onion salsa, and Chipotle aioli,” said Delaude.

Some may describe The Turn Club’s menu as “country club fare,” but Delaude said it features all those favorite menu items but created in ways to tantalize the taste buds.

“We also try to accommodate food allergies. We have gluten-free options and vegan options. I even have vegan cheese. My philosophy is if somebody wants something special, and I have the ingredients on hand, I’ll make it for them.”

“When someone comes to The Turn Club to eat, it is my goal to make them feel comfortable like they are in my home and part of the family. I love creating dishes and cooking, and I invite everyone to come to The Turn Club and be happy!” said Delaude.

Visit The Turn Club in Cranberry Twp. and learn more about them by visiting


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