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PA Cyber Graduate Follows Blueprint to Architecture School

Chloe graduated from PA Cyber in 2021 in the top one percent of her class.

Chloe Perko, 20, is a smart, curious person who, after graduating in 2021 from PA Cyber in the top one percent of her class, took two semi-gap years to flex her entrepreneurial and creative skills. In that time, she started her own online business, became an Instagram ambassador for multiple companies, took summer classes online at Marywood University, and worked as a freelancer. Being a student at PA Cyber helped her understand her personal workstyle and empowered her to teach herself how to do anything she chooses.

Chloe has been awarded Marywood University’s Presidential Scholarship for all five years of architecture school. She will begin full-time as a freshman at Marywood this fall with 21 credits in tow from summer classes. She first became interested in architecture when she and her parents were looking for a new home. “We really wanted to find our dream house,” she said. After searching, they finally found a house designed by Peter Bohlin, an internationally recognized architect. “It’s such a unique house. Living in a Bohlin-designed house has made me even more obsessed with architecture and how it works with nature to create a masterpiece.”

In 2020 and 2021, Chloe attended Marywood’s two-week architecture summer program for high school students. She gained hands-on experience and made connections with other participants that she still maintains today. She interviewed architects local to her parents’ home to better understand the different types of architecture and to create a blueprint for her own career path.

Chloe’s parents come from creative professional backgrounds. “It has been wonderful to have that exposure,” Chloe said. “It has made me seek out and seize upon every opportunity I could find.”

Creative Prowess

Chloe grew up in a creative environment with her parents, Rhonda and Wyatt, who met in art school. “They have done everything creatively,” she said. “It’s been wonderful to have that exposure. It has made me seek out and seize upon every opportunity I could find.” This year, she submitted one of her architectural marker renderings to the Copic Award 2023.

Chloe has gained professional experience since August 2022 when she began working as a freelance videographer and video editor alongside her mother who is Vice President of Marketing for Pride Mobility. In this short time, she has completely altered the company’s social media presence, which has greatly increased engagement and sales for the business.

Her entrepreneurial father, Wyatt, is primarily a creative director and talent manager in the music industry. “He has started many unique businesses,” she said. “We are extremely similar.” When she was in cyber school, her father was able to work from home in order to help her navigate through challenges.

The PA Cyber Difference

Chloe enrolled at PA Cyber at the beginning of ninth grade in anticipation of moving for her mother’s new job. She recalls discussing with her parents that her brick-and-mortar school didn’t feel safe, and the curriculum and schedule didn’t match the path she wanted. Her family moved from Pittsburgh to their current home in Bear Creek Village without having to change schools.

“I could still attend my classes,” Chloe said. “All my work was still there. Nothing had to be transferred.”

She loved the flexibility of being a cyber student. She was able to have experiences that she wouldn’t have had if she attended a brick-and-mortar school, including traveling to trade shows for her mom’s job.

Chloe chose blended classes while at PA Cyber, which are self-paced but provide a live classroom experience one day per week. The blended classroom format granted Chloe the most flexibility over her schedule. For example, during her senior year she completed six classes in two or three months so she could later focus on AP Calculus.

“Chloe is a brilliant young mind,” said calculus teacher Brad Chrisman. “Her drive and dedication in AP Calculus brought her to the forefront of the class. … Students like her make teachers enjoy their career every day.”

Attending PA Cyber was the right fit for Chloe. She graduated with A’s in all of her classes, including two Advanced Placement classes. She raved about her AP English Language and Composition class. “It was by far my favorite class that I ever took. The teacher was so fun!”

Chloe Perko delivers her final critique at Marywood University’s summer architecture program in 2021.

Ready for The Next Challenge

Our future architect feels that PA Cyber has prepared her well for university. Being a cyber school student taught her how to manage time and has made her aware of her work style. “You learn how to govern yourself and gain a sense of independence,” Chloe said.

Chloe submitted her architectural marker renderings, “Vividity of Lima Apartments,” for consideration to the Copic Award 2023.

“PA Cyber prepared me for the many challenges that I face in university,” she said. “Continuing in the architecture program at Marywood University this fall, I can confidently reinforce my appreciation for the way PA Cyber is structured and their skill-building methods of teaching. Having exposure to critical thinking and gaining confidence in working independently, I have continued to achieve academic success at Marywood University.”

PA Cyber is proud to have been an integral part of Chloe’s education. She is looking forward to dorm life this fall and diving into the hands-on architecture studio sessions. With a solid foundation, she is ready to build her future, like the architecture she admires, with balance and integrity.

Connect with Chloe on Instagram @chloemperko and learn more about PA Cyber at


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