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Dr. Jesse Gabriel

A Family Physician with a Military Background

By Paula Green

Last fall, Genesis Medical Associates Inc., Koman and Kimmell Family Practice welcomed the addition of Dr. Jesse Gabriel. Before his appointment, Dr. Gabriel spent six years practicing family medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico. “It is nice to return home. I grew up in Westmoreland County in Latrobe,” Dr. Gabriel said.

In addition to his medical credentials, Dr. Gabriel also has an extensive military background. He graduated from Washington and Jefferson College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Molecular Biology. In addition, Dr. Gabriel received his medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and acquired his preliminary medicine internship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

“At the end of my medical training, I was trying to decide what avenue to pursue, and I wanted something more dynamic in my life. So even though we weren’t a military family, that is the avenue I followed. My dad served in the Vietnam War but was drafted and never wanted to talk about it,” Dr. Gabriel said.

Dr. Gabriel procured the proper training to work in the medical/military field. First, he completed his family residency at Eisenhower Army Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia. Then, from the south, Dr. Gabriel headed north to Fort Drum in New York, where He received training in interdisciplinary pain management. In addition, Dr. Gabriel served on the U.S. Army’s Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Program (PCMH), earning the rank of Captain. Finally, Dr. Gabriel spent six years on active duty, treating veterans, active soldiers and their families.

Dr. Gabriel also served a deployment in Kandahar, Afghanistan. “I was in Afghanistan in 2014 when the US was in the thick of things over there. During that time, I did combat trauma care. Afghanistan is an interesting country. You have the beauty of the mountains and the Himalayas, but outside that area it is incredibly impoverished and also dangerous. You didn’t venture off of the compound,” Dr. Gabriel said.

Eventually, Dr. Gabriel relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he worked in civil practice. That’s the area his grandmother was residing in, and her health was failing, and he wanted to be closer to her. While Dr. Gabriel was in New Mexico, he joined the Army National Guard. He spent six years working in this military branch. “While serving in the National Guard, we helped with various projects, such as Hurricane Haiti relief. I also went to Poland as part of the European Deterrence Initiative,” Dr. Gabriel added.

Dr. Gabriel served in the National Guard until last fall when he left New Mexico and moved back to Pittsburgh. He is no longer in the military. “My wife, Emily, and I decided to concentrate on raising our two young children – Sophia (4) and Lucas (1). I am happy that I spent time serving in the military, it really builds up leadership skills, and that carries over and helps you interact with others. It’s great training,” Dr. Gabriel added.

Northern Connection magazine thanks and salutes Dr. Gabriel for his military service and dedication to our country.


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