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Restore Hyper Wellness

There’s that iconic scene in the first Star Wars movie where the Millennium Falcon shifts into hyperspace, supercharging the craft’s travel speed. In effect, the services provided at Restore Hyper Wellness have that effect on your well-being.

Restore Hyper Wellness has two locations: one at McCandless Crossing, 9186 Covenant Avenue, McCandless Twp. and the second the Pittsburgh North location in Cranberry Twp. at 1713 Route 228, near Starbucks. The Pittsburgh North location, opened in June of 2022, and focuses on nine elements of hyper wellness—oxygen, hydration, cold, heat, nourishment, rest, light, movement and connection. Restore Hyper Wellness offers different modalities that support each of these elements. For example, humans can’t live without oxygen and at Restore Hyper Wellness, their Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber can enhance the body's natural healing processes and may optimize sleep, speed up athletic recovery, repair muscles and boost cognitive clarity.

“One of our most effective sessions we offer is cryotherapy, where the whole body or a localized area is exposed to sub-zero temperatures for a brief time,” said Melissa Montani, Manager of Restore Hyper Wellness – Pittsburgh North. When the body is exposed to these freezing temperatures, the blood vessels constrict shunting the blood away from the extremities. During this process, the body increases its oxygen levels and certain proteins that can decrease swelling. “Cryotherapy is great for reducing aches and pains,” said Montani.

Restore Hyper Wellness also offers Red Light Therapy and an Infrared Saunas well as specialty services such as Cryoskin, which is a non-invasive cosmetic service that promotes a slimmer, more toned appearance to the skin. “Red Light Therapy and Infrared Saunas warm the body from the inside out and help the body to release toxins,” said Ms. Montani, who recommends their Fire and Ice session, which combines cryotherapy with the light/heat therapies. “This is very relaxing, especially for stressed out women or moms. We have groups come in - corporations, mom’s groups, etc. even couples who instead of a date night drinking and eating making them feel worse, they enjoy a night of enhancing their health.”

Restore Hyper Wellness also offers specialty medical modalities such as IV Drip Therapy, Intramuscular shots, and mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It offers free consultations and has a registered nurse on staff with access to Telemed doctors or nurse practitioners to make sure that Restore Hyper Wellness’s therapies are right for you.

“The comment I get most from clients is, why didn’t I find you sooner!” said Ms. Montani, who notes that a session makes a great gift and gift cards are available.

Several different levels of membership. For more information, visit: or call the Cranberry location at: (412) 837-4163

By Janice Lane Palko


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