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Good health is made of five attributes: a state of complete physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being! So, let’s break down element by element and see how they all correlate with each other. Last month I had the pleasure of visiting Italy with my family—eight beautiful cities. Did I eat what I wanted? Heck yes. Did I indulge in gelato? Heck yes. Did I feel sluggish? Heck no. Did I gain weight? Heck no. Do you know why? Because we walked and walked, and walked. And I have to say, it felt amazing.

The reason I love to travel to Europe is because walking will get you anywhere. And when you walk, you get a chance to see and admire what’s around you—architecture, fountains, and more architecture and that makes you energized. And when we see something so beautiful as Trevi Fountain or our eyes are glued to the Sistine Chapel ceiling painted by Michelangelo, we are in the best mental state of mind. When you walk, thousands and thousands of people pass by you. At times you see people using a cane, in a wheelchair, or with physical deformities. I don’t know about you, but I reflect on myself and think how lucky I am that neither my family nor I have any physical, life-threatening disabilities. You also cannot help but peek into a church, cathedral, or temple, not because of your religion but because of the curiosity and craving to see what’s inside. And no matter what religion you follow, hearing the organ playing in the background, viewing people praying, the surroundings melt your heart. You feel free to let your emotions go, spirituality takes over and social well-being kicks in. At that moment you can reflect on your life and feel blessed for what you have.

So, stop for a moment, put down whatever you were doing, and think. What makes you the happiest, whole, and complete? For me travel, food, and being with my family does. For someone else maybe it’s family and shopping, for someone else family and exercise. But whatever it is, own it. Because well-being is what makes us women strong and if we are strong, our minds are clear, and we feel healthy.

La Dolce Vita!!


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