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The “Boy” Next Door

By Judi Hindes

Long before computers, cell phones, TVs, frozen foods, BAND-AID, traffic lights and cheeseburgers (originally called cheese hamburgers), Hugh Pollon was born on Oct. 6, 1918, and is still going strong at the amazing age of 104, living independently at Masonic Village.

Every month I accompany Hugh, my neighbor and friend, to our off-campus luncheons, and he always enhances his meal with the finest Scotch. Of course, he also enjoys a Scotch most evenings. (Maybe that’s the secret to his remarkable age?)

How surprising, at 104, Hugh not only knows how to turn on his computer but emails his family and friends daily. Further, he loves circling around campus entertaining residents with his quick wit. For example, when asked what Hugh did for his 104th birthday, he quickly responded he looked forward to his 105th! He recently said he might need to move up from his rollator to a scooter in a couple of years. How is that for positive thinking? And how remarkable, at this age, he continues to live alone.

My friend loves Klondike bars, and he thinks everyone else also does. So one day, when shopping during our weekly trip to Giant Eagle, he returned to the shuttle with a Klondike for everyone. I think they are all still smiling!

To celebrate this birthday, his daughter and son-in-law had a gathering in Masonic Village's Pub, so residents could stop and wish their dad a Happy Birthday. He was delighted at the surprise of a singing telegram composed especially for him, which of course, referred to his love of Scotch and Klondike bars.

This veteran of World War II is proud of his service to his country, during which time he married the love of his life and celebrated 65 years of marriage. He was also proud of his career at the Pentagon, saying, “I can’t tell you exactly what I did, or I’d have to kill you!” Hugh enjoys his many friends at Masonic Village, who have become more like extended family over his seven years here. Everyone loves and admires him as they wait to celebrate his 105th birthday.


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