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Sally Power • Treasure House Fashions

Sally Power is a self-proclaimed “hot mess” but readily adds her mess has become her message. After inheriting over $200,000…worth of debt… while navigating a divorce, Power secured a resale shop to augment her teaching income. Within a year, the for-profit evolved into a mission to help women overcome challenges.

Treasure House Fashions is a nonprofit women’s resale shop with a tender heart. Since 2002, the agency has served over 40,000 women and collaborates with over 65 agencies in the Greater Pittsburgh area serving women. Their clients receive giving gift certificates to shop at Treasure House, getting what they like, as well as what they need, at no cost to the individual or agency.

Power shares messages of hope and encouragement with these clients, and her enthusiasm and zest for life is contagious! In addition to her passion for empowering women, Sally taught Deaf and Hard of Hearing students for 36 years and retired from North Allegheny School District in June of 2012. In addition to writing her friend’s memoir, Power is a sought-after speaker for groups and organizations of various sizes.

More than any award or achievement, Sally is most proud of her three children: Nathan, Stephanie, and Chad. “To watch them passionately pursue their dreams, despite challenges, is the best legacy.”

To support the mission of empowering women, YOU can shop at Treasure House Fashions! Learn more at


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