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Pittsburgh North Fitness

By Janice Lane Palko

If you’re over 40, you probably know that your body does not perform the way it did when you were in your twenties or thirties. The pounds don’t come off as easily, and your workouts seem to give you little or no results for your effort. Don’t despair or become frustrated because Pittsburgh North Fitness, located at 16055 Perry Highway, Wexford, specializes in fitness after 40 and can help you achieve your fitness goals.

“My wife, Tammy, and I founded Pittsburgh North Fitness in 2008, and over time our gym evolved to focus more on helping clients who were over 40. We’re the region’s only fitness after 40 specialists, and the area’s only upscale, elite choice for the client who wants and demands more for their investment in their health and fitness,” said Josh Proch.

Pittsburgh North Fitness offers semi-private personal training, one-on-one training, along with team training as an option for the days in between personal training sessions. “Initially, we start with a general assessment of your health, past fitness experience, and goals and do a Functional Movement Screening, identifying any issues where you may not be moving correctly. We take into consideration any issues such as painful joints. Many of our members have an issue with either their knees, back, or shoulders when they come in that we need to work around,” said Josh.

An InBody scan, which reveals such information as body composition, hydration levels, and fat in each area, is also performed. “From there we develop an individualized plan, and Tammy does a nutrition consultation as she is our nutrition coach,” said Josh.

Over the years, Josh and Tammy have seen members come in, who in the past, though well-intentioned, were making common mistakes. “Often times clients, especially those over 40, are doing too much cardio training. This can wear the body and joints down. Another is not eating enough, which hinders the building of muscle and stunts weight loss,” said Tammy who notes that their gym emphasizes the use of free weights, dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells, and resistance bands for strength training.

In addition, Pittsburgh Fitness North hosts Cardio Boot Camp sessions and boxing sessions, and coming in February is a new flexibility and mobility class. It also has a locker room with fully-stocked showers and towels.

Pittsburgh Fitness North offers a six-week trial membership for $299 and offers monthly memberships starting at $229 per month.

“One of the things that our clients most often tell us is that coming to Pittsburgh North Fitness has improved their quality of life. They didn’t realize how bad they felt until they started coming here. They can do the activities they enjoy or do their yard work or housework without feeling fatigue,” said Josh and Tammy, who invite anyone who would like to improve their fitness to drop by or call (724) 934-2000 or visit their website at:


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