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Navigating Wedding Stress

Integrative Wellness Tips for the Couple-to-Be

By: Victoria Erdely

The anticipation and joy of a wedding are often tinged with overwhelming stress and anxiety for the couple. The pressure to orchestrate the 'perfect' day, tied with logistical, emotional, and interpersonal complexities, can obscure the true purpose of the event: celebrating the love between partners. In this article, we'll explore five practical tips and techniques rooted in Integrative Wellness to navigate stress and cultivate a sense of balance during this special time.


1.     Mindful Breathing

The key to regulating your nervous system is to focus on your breath. To help reduce tension and cultivate mental clarity, take moments throughout the day to purposefully inhale and exhale longer and fuller. Breathing techniques are a powerful anchoring tool to access the present moment.

Example Technique:

Count your breath in intervals: Inhale for five counts, hold for three counts, exhale for five counts, and hold for three counts. Repeat several times. When your mind wanders, lovingly bring yourself back to the counting and feeling the sensations of each inhale and exhale.


2.     Prioritize Self-Care

Caring for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health is vital whether in challenging or joyful times. Assess your current health pillars and commit daily to nurture yourself through uplifting techniques.


Example Techniques: Eat nutrient-rich foods, go for a walk (bonus points in nature), meditate, and ensure adequate sleep (just to name a few).


3.     Make Peace with Perfectionism

The pursuit of perfection, often defined by unrealistic standards, can exert immense pressure, leading to inevitable disappointment when expectations are not met. Instead, foster a mindset of trust in the natural unfolding of events. Strive to do your best and embrace the practices of acceptance and forgiveness.


Example Technique: Affirm your worthiness and value by repeating often-

“I am enough, just as I am now. I trust and believe all is well.”


4.     Establish Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is essential to your well-being, particularly during wedding planning. It’s OK to say “no” to additional commitments or requests that may add unnecessary stress to maintain focus on priorities. Equally, communicating your needs respectfully can preserve your energy and prevent burnout.


Example techniques: Politely decline non-essential invitations. Delegate tasks like managing RSVPs and vendor communications to trusted friends, family members, and/or wedding planners.


5.     Practice Gratitude

In stressful moments, foster a sense of appreciation amidst the chaos. Consider stress as feedback about where your energy is directed. If you can invest energy in worrying about potential mishaps, you can also redirect it towards envisioning positive outcomes. Shift your attention to being thankful for anything and everything, to raise your vibrational frequency.


Example techniques:  Keep a gratitude journal and write a minimum of three things you are grateful for daily. Regularly express appreciation to your partner and loved ones. Take time to savor the joyous moments.


While wedding planning can be chaotic, holding onto stress remains a choice. Though unavoidable at times, these tips and techniques support grounding yourself in what matters most. Every experience contributes to your personal development, so embrace this journey as an opportunity to love yourself and others deeper. After all, your love is humanity’s greatest gift and essence behind the privilege of celebrating your wedding.


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