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April is the beginning of the wedding season. Personally, I love weddings! I love everything that screams wedding! Gowns with bling, flowers with bling, venues with bling, and of course, a multi-tier cake with bling. Every time I’m at a wedding, I feel the romance flowing through the air. Anywhere you look, people are smiling, laughing, hugging and dancing. People get reconnected, reacquainted and some even find love. I just want to sing, “Love is in the Air.”

When the pandemic hit, so many brides, including my own stepdaughter, grooms, their families, were forced to postpone, cancel, and then reschedule their weddings. At one point, we and, I bet, other families, thought this wedding would never happen, but happily it did. For my family, the wedding turned out to be even more special than anyone could have imagined. The bride’s sister was able to fly in from overseas with her newborn baby, and everyone met the little one for the first time. More friends from out of town decided to join the couple on such their long-awaited day. Even the weather turned out to be on its best behavior. That would not have been the case on the original date.

And for me as a total fashionista, the fashion since pandemic has changed. The brides are still favoring white, but they are also embracing patterned textiles, florals and even prints. Just imagine a few rosettes or butterflies spread out through the fitted bridal gown. Just stunning! And now more and more, the bridesmaids are stepping away from all looking the same, offering the bridal party a bit of pizazz.

You already know that my other obsession is food. Grazing boards and charcuterie have even started to make appearances at weddings.

When it comes to cakes, I have a rule: no matter how full I’m feeling, I always take a bite because in my book, it’s for good luck. Just imagine utilizing pressed flowers and greenery on the cake or using hand crafted sugar art to create flowers.

So, from what I have learned, the 2023 wedding industry is as strong as ever. I say cheers to all the happy couples! A toast to all the parents who are paying for it! Blessings to all guests who have been invited to one of the most life-changing ceremonies there is. Love is in the air, and I love it.


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