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Logan McCarthy

Honored for her heroic actions

Logan McCarthy was working at her second-shift job at Sheetz in McCandless Township on Wednesday, February 22. It seemed like a typical shift for all intents and purposes when an unexpected medical incident suddenly occurred.

“A gentleman in his early 20s entered our store, went into the bathroom, and injured himself. It seemed unintentional, but he was bleeding from his arm. I bandaged his wound, and then he sat in our dining area. I spoke with a guy who was in the bathroom and witnessed the incident, so I realized the severity of what happened. While the injured man was seated, I kept checking on him because I knew he needed medical treatment. It seemed like he was going into shock, which wasn’t good. Fortunately, the guy allowed me to call 911. An ambulance was dispatched, and he could receive medical help,” Logan said.

You can call it fate, but it was fortuitous that Logan happened to be working that shift that evening. She has a medical background that allowed her to act fast. Last year, Logan graduated from North Allegheny High School and attended A.W. Beattie Career Center, where she studied Emergency Response Technology. “In addition to the training that I received from Beattie, both of my grandparents worked in the medical field, so I knew what to do when the man injured himself,” Logan added.

After Logan graduated from NA last June, she entered college a month later. Since July, Logan has been attending Pittsburgh Technical College and studying Criminal Justice. She plans to become a homicide detective for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She recently put her application in at Allegheny County Police Academy.

While Logan was in high school, she earned a certificate from the McCandless Township Police Department for completion of the Citizen’s Police Academy. In March, Pittsburgh Technical College honored Logan for her heroic actions in saving the man’s life at Sheetz. She has worked at Sheetz for the past two and half years. Although she hasn’t seen or heard from the gentleman who injured himself, she wants to know how he is doing, and hopes that he is O.K.

Northern Connection magazine congratulates Logan McCarthy on her heroism in stepping forward and rendering medical assistance to a stranger. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!

By Paula Green


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