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Knowledge is power, educating a child through quality time is as perfect as it gets.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge will take you places! The most common question I receive about my business, Izabella’s Gourmet Chow, is: how is it possible to teach three-year-olds cooking and languages? It’s quite simple. Kids are like sponges; their brains can grasp unimaginable amounts of information. The younger they start, the more they will know by the time they are off to college and into the real world.

One of the things I’m most proud about the business I have created is not just making each dish from scratch, but that I “take” all my students around the world in my classes. They learn the language of each dish’s origin, “visit” art museums and famous sites and learn the dances of that region. Why? Everything on this planet has an origin, and I love opening a window to the world for each child that comes my way.

Then we come to my favorite subject - math. A child doesn’t need to be in kindergarten or first grade to learn that one cup is made of four quarters or three 1/3 cups or 2 halves.

And as we wind down from the hectic holiday season, I would like for every mom to stop and ask yourself a question. Did you have a chance to explain to your child who is the inspiration for Santa Claus? If a child is obsessed with Santa, he may as well learn that Saint Nicholas was the third-century saint who became an inspiration for the modern-day Santa Clause. Or you may want to explain that this past year on December 18, Jews celebrated the first night of Hanukkah, a celebration of lights which lasts for eight nights.

When I search for ideas what would make my classes fascinating each month, I always search for interesting facts. Why not learn something together? Kids are more than eager to discover something new if a parent shows an interest in it as well. A good example to start with is January. Did you know that January is a month noting Asparagus and Artichokes? January 7 is National Tempura Day. So, guess what I’ll be making with my inspired chefs? Sushi incorporating tempura with asparagus. Doesn’t that sound fun, delicious and educational? Who wouldn’t want to “travel” to Japan and learn it’s language and some culture when combined with fun and food?

Moms, incorporate education anyway you can. Book learning is not the only way. Doing things together is educational too. Learn together. Education and quality time together most definitely go hand in hand.


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