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Isabella Costantino

 A great way to start the new year is with our "Education" issue, featuring students and educators who make a difference in our community. This month, we introduce you to Isabella Costantino, 15, of Robinson Township, a tenth-grade student in the Montour School District.

For the past few years, Isabella has been a member of Young Entrepreneurs, and it's been a positive experience for her. Isabella has managed to start her own business, where she makes digital business cards. Her company is called 73 Marketing. "I love making digital business cards! It's been so fun working with such amazing clients. Every person I've worked with has either given me referrals or been an incredible supporter. I'm extremely grateful for the network of successful business people. It's cool to make money while gaining marketing experience," Isabella said.

Isabella learned how to make digital cards through mastermind called Apex, using a software called PhoneSites. Her parents, Dan and Nicole, are members of the group. Last summer, Isabella did an internship at her father's work. Dan is a real estate investor who runs his own company called Achieve Capital Partners, LLC.

"People always ask me if I want Bella to take over the family business. She'll have the opportunity if she wants, but I am more interested in helping her experience work that helps her find out what she loves doing and how that translates into making a living. There is a monetary value to all work. I try to give her real-world information on what different professions make. Ultimately, I want her to be educated and happy. That's what matters," said Dan.

In addition to Isabella, Dan and Nicole have another daughter, Stephanie, 13, who has Down syndrome. The family has banded together and found ways to support Stephanie. "Every year, our family and numerous friends participate in the annual Pittsburgh Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Awareness," said Isabella. This past year's walk was held on Sunday, October 15, in Schenley Plaza. It's held annually in October, National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Isabella has also participated in coat drives for the homeless.

Isabella likes spending her spare time at Jack's Boxing Gym on Perry Highway in Ross Township. "I enjoy boxing, and I've been in 14 fights so far. I also do powerlifting," Isabella added.

Regarding her extra-curricular school activities, Isabella is a student council member and participates in the "Future Ready Leaders" group. She hopes to keep expanding her digital business card company and pursue a career in marketing.

"I could not be more impressed with Bella's discipline and ability to learn things independently. I pride myself on helping her get more work experience than most college kids will graduate with. It all starts with her being a self-starter. We have to guide her and give her challenges she's interested in solving," Dan said.

Northern Connection magazine congratulates Isabella on her digital business card venture, and we wish her the best in her future endeavors.




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