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Happy Chinese New Year!

Emperor Huang Ti introduced the concept of a chronological record of years in the 61st year of his reign. The twelve animals of the zodiac comprise one 60-year cycle. We have now entered the 78th cycle since its conception in the year 2637 B.C.

According to legend, Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, summoned all the animals to him before he died. Only twelve animals responded to the summons. He named a year after each animal in order of their appearance: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Boar.

Each animal corresponds to the five elements that constitute the universe: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. They are also charged negatively or positively in accordance with the principle of the Yin and Yang. The Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, and Dog are positive; while the Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Sheep, Rooster, and Boar are negative.

The Chinese believe that the animal sign under which you are born constitutes your disposition. They believe the animal hides in your heart.

Chinese New Year falls between the end of January and the end of February… just around the corner. This year, Chinese New Year starts on January 22nd.

A Rabbit year is a placid year, very much welcomed and needed after the ferocious year of the Tiger. We should go off to some quiet spot to lick our wounds and get some rest after all the battles of the previous years.

Money can be made without much labor. Our lifestyle will be languid and leisurely as we allow ourselves the luxuriousness we have always craved for. It should be a temperate year with an unhurried pace. For once, it may seem possible for us to be carefree and happy without too many annoyances.

A person born in the year of the Rabbit possesses one of the most fortunate of the twelve signs. The Rabbit or Hare as he is referred to in Chinese mythology is the emblem of longevity and is said to derive his essence from the moon.

The Rabbit symbolizes good manners, sound council, kindness and sensitivity to beauty. His soft speech and graceful and nimble ways embody all the desirable traits of a successful diplomat or seasoned politician.

But he is also inclined to be moody. At such times, he appears detached from his environment or indifferent to people.


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