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For the past 11 years, May has become for me my favorite month. I am finally celebrating Mother’s Day. Don’t take me wrong, I always loved celebrating this super special day, after all, I do have the most wonderful mother. I was just always envious of women who were moms. First, I had a bad marriage and then a wonderful marriage. But then I experienced difficulties with conceiving, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, and other “fun” stuff. But here I am now a blessed mama to the most precious child, my Izabella, who was named after my beloved grammy. I’ll never forget the moment when I heard Izabella’s heartbeat, the heartbeat I had been so desperate and so eager to hear after so many agonizing years of trying. Gosh, I’m one lucky girl, and I feel this is my Cinderella story. However, not everyone gets to experience motherhood.

So many unplanned circumstances can arise during the prime years. Never finding a good match, and then it becomes too late to become a mom. Or, having it all—a great husband, financial stability, but not being able to conceive, or your religion won’t allow it to use alternative methods. Or maybe you don’t have the financial means to go through IVF or adoption. Or maybe you have a medical condition and cannot carry a child.

But there are also lucky women, who do become a mom via adoption, and all their prayers are finally answered. But there are also cases where the adoption goes south, and the family is left with a shattered heart and an untouched baby room.

I have seen it all. I have witnessed it all. I have heard of all. However, women, in general, are super strong. We are made not to give up; we are made to be the powerhouse. And maybe motherhood was never in the cards for some, but the women I know never gave up on being the most loving, giving, carrying stepmoms, godmothers, and aunts.

I ask everyone who comes across this article, to reach out to a loved one, who hasn’t had the privilege of experiencing motherhood. Raise a glass to them, listen to their story, and thank them for being the best stepmom, godmother, and aunt there is.

Cheers to women!

Happy May! Happy Mother’s Day!

La Dolce Vita!!


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