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Business Spotlight – SSB Bank

If you could custom design your bank, what would it be like? Would it have all the services of a large bank yet have a personal feel? If so, then you don’t have to start from scratch because SSB Bank is already here in our community and has been providing that type of service for more than 100 years.

Established in Pittsburgh’s Northside in 1922, SSB Bank was originally known as Slovak Savings and Loan as it had its beginning in the basement of an old Slovak church. Since then, SSB Bank has changed its name and grown from a Savings & Loan to a full-service financial institution with two locations. One is still located on the Northside at 2470 California Avenue and the newest McCandless Branch is at 8700 Perry Highway near CCAC.

SSB Bank offers a variety of products and services for both its personal banking customers as well as small business owners. “We are entrenched in the community,” said Dan Moon, CEO, “and we are consistently cited as an outstanding local bank for our commitment to helping the community. In fact, we were recently recognized by the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group for our mission to lending to low- and moderate-income and African American borrowers.”

While SSB Bank has all the services of a big bank, it has something else much rarer these days: a personal touch. “As long as I’m here, our customers will never have to call an 800 number and wait while you are presented with a series of menus, instructing you to push options #1 or #2. You will speak to a person,” said Mr. Moon, who noted that in addition SSB Bank has tech security that is more robust than the larger banks. “The big banks have internal IT departments, but we outsource our IT to leaders in the industry, who have provided us with a 4-layer authentication system,” said Mr. Moon. “That is one layer more than they have.”

SSB Bank is a hidden gem for merchants as well. “We’ve got businesses in 48 states that are processing payments through our bank, which is good for them and for our area as we bring millions of dollars to the region,” said Mr. Moon.

Although SSB only has two brick and mortar branches, it’s reach is nationwide. Customers can access their funds at ATMs all over the world with no fee. “We automatically refund fees at time of transaction,” said Mr. Moon.

By Janice Lane Palko


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