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A December Wrap-Up

By Ron Eichner

Hey folks, the month of December closes the year. There are three cultural holidays in December in the United States. Christmas is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus. Hanukkah is the eight-day Jewish celebration, and Kwanza celebrates African American heritage.

December 7 is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. December 15 is the Bill of Rights Day, which recognizes the importance of the first ten amendments of our U.S. Constitution, which Congress approved on September 25, 1789. December 25 is Christmas when Christians worldwide celebrate the birth of Jesus. December 27 is National Fruit Cake Day. Finally, December 31 is New Year’s Eve, which closes the year.

By far, the number one question I am asked is, “With all the hats you wear managing all of the day-to-day workload of the family farm, how do you find time to write a monthly column?” My answer is, “I have a powerful, know-it-all co-writer who, together with his inspiration, I get it all done.” My co-writer is God. Every month I say to God, “If you feel I need more inspiration, I will welcome it.” Folks, it always comes, and I thank God for what he has given me.

Closing out 2022 gives me much to be concerned about, especially for agriculture and farmers. We are saddled with skyrocketing inflation. Higher gas, diesel, natural gas, propane, and heating oil are at record highs. We are begging countries to buy oil and gas after the pipeline was shut down. Instead of relying on electricity, has anyone thought about using hydrogen instead? Unfortunately, what comes out of the hydrogen car’s tailpipe is water. This calendar year, synthetic fertilizers jumped 100%, and we are slated to see increased costs and likely shortages next year. For agriculture and farmers to succeed, you have to have a fertilizer program that can be sustained.

In 1954 President Eisenhower encouraged Congress to add two words to the Pledge of Alliance “under God” for which it stands. President Lincoln penned “Democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people. Another translation, the people were to be guided by its principles as well. Now it’s twisted out of balance by and for – government for the government, by the government, and God is driven out the government picture.

We can bring our focus back to Christmas and understand that Christmas should be about baby Jesus's birth. The sparkle in the eyes of young kids on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is magical. We should never lose that sense of wonder and retain that same sparkle into adulthood. Santa Claus is real, and I don't see any reason he isn't.

Our senior citizens are on fixed incomes. Most families are getting hit in their pocketbooks by skyrocketing inflation with no end in sight, and some are choosing between eating and heating. Yet, the government keeps saying, "We have to tighten our belts." All we can hope for is that the coming year can be better.

My family & I want to wish you and all of your family and friends a Blessed and Merry Christmas. Remember to focus on the birth of Jesus, God's gift of his only son. You are welcome to stop by Eichner's Whole Farm and Greenhouses at 285 Richard Road, Wexford, and get "the rest of the story."


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