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Erin Adams

Erin Adams is a Holistic Reflexologist, Professional-Advanced Practitioner with

Reflexology Association of America and the owner of Release & Revive Wellness,

LLC, located in Harmony, PA.

Reflexology is a complementary medicine practice within the holistic health field that works in addition to allopathic (traditional) heath care. Reflexology is drug-free, non-invasive, natural therapy that is offered in private practices and various integrative and complementary health care facilities.


Holistic Reflexology sessions are deeply relaxing and aim to restore homeostasis (balance) in the body by gently stimulating the reflexes on the feet that are believed to correspond to different parts of the body through the central nervous system. Reflexology may feel like a very relaxing foot massage, but reflexology is NOT foot massage. Certified holistic reflexologists go through specific training that that incorporates elements of the understanding the mind, body, spirit connection, in addition to the anatomy of the body. Holistic Reflexology is a unique and distinct practice that uses specific methods and protocols that are adaptable to your individual needs.

There are many studies world-wide on the benefits of reflexology and research is ongoing. Many health issues can be directly linked to stress. Reflexology may have a positive impact on how stress is managed by inducing a deep level of relaxation and overall stress reduction through the neural pathways and reflexes on the feet. Other benefits of reflexology may include, enhancing the self-healing power of the body, strengthening the immune system, improvement of mood, reduction of pain, sleep troubles, digestive issues, headaches, and other health concerns. 


Reflexology sessions typically last an hour, and you remain fully clothed (other than removal of shoes and socks). Each reflexology session is unique and special to you- as you are a unique and special individual. Your experience with reflexology will be unique to you.


Erin discovered reflexology after having prolonged health issues and tried different healing modalities. Reflexology worked for her and she left her 20+ year career as a biologist to study reflexology so that she could pass on the amazing benefits to others. Erin is passionate about working with you to understand what it is you are going through. While she does not diagnose, prescribe medications, or offer second opinions to medical diagnoses, she works with you to customize each reflexology session and will also work with you on your long-term goals. She provides a safe and supportive space to relax, release, and reconnect within. Reflexology is growing in popularity. Isn’t it time to experience this deeply relaxing wellness modality for yourself?


To learn more about what Reflexology can do for you, visit the website at:, call: (724) 679-7142,


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